30 Sec Trading – 30 Second Options: The Planet’s Fastest Form of Trading

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This newest form of binary options trading combines lighting fast expiries with high-speed profit potential to create an opportunity unlike any other.

What is the world record for the 4 x 100-meter relay race? 36.84 Seconds.

30 Sec Trading

30 Sec Trading

What is the world record for the fastest profitable binary options trade? 30 Seconds.

If you have experienced the fastest, and fastest-growing, form of binary options trading – 30 Second Options – then you know the thrill (and profits!) that await the most opportunistic of investors.

30 Second Options are binary options with blazingly fast expiry times of only half a minute. They work like regular binary options, in that you select the asset you wish to trade and the trading amount, followed by the direction you think the price will go – “Call” if you think the asset price will close higher than the strike price (the price you purchase it at) or “Put” if you believe the asset price will close lower at the time of expiry.

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The difference with 30 Second Options is that the life of the trade lasts only 30 seconds which means you can potentially make back-to-back winning trades of up to 81% pure profit while other traders are still waiting for their 1-minute positions to expire.30 Sec Trading

30 Second Options give traders the thrill of investing without the wait. It also means less time to dwell on an unsuccessful trade, allowing you to get right back into the game. Like traditional options, 30 Second Options are available across all market categories including Forex, commodities, stocks, and indices.

Savvy traders use this newest and quickest form of “High-Speed Trading” to their advantage by identifying a trend – let’s say Oil has just begun a hot streak – and making a series of successive trades in order to maximize their investment returns. Investors can strike while the iron is hot and then strike again and again while other traders are still stuck staring at the clock.

Traders no longer have to wait a significant amount of time before making another trade on their asset of choice, at which point the trend may be over before they were able to reap all the potential rewards.

30 Second Options give the freedom and flexibility to make lightning-fast trades of up to 81% profit at twice the speeds of traditional 60 Second Options.

The binary options broker Ayrex Broker was the first to introduce 30 Second Options for those seeking even bigger thrills or who want to make twice as many quick, successive trades as the rest of the competition. 30 Second Options have the shortest expiry times on the planet which means even more opportunity for investors to take advantage of even the briefest shifts in the market.

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30 Sec Trading

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