Siacoin Cryptocurrency Review – decentralized storage

Siacoin Cryptocurrency Review – decentralized storage. Today’s cloud storage solutions are largely centralized and the data has been stored on a third-party host. Together with Siacoin, the storage would be decentralized as every user would donate their share of funds.

SiaCoin job gives users the to store files from the cloud using other users’ free disc space and people with free disk space to earn something extra by providing it to the community. Sia utilizes SiaCoin, a cryptocurrency token that is used for accessing trades to store your files as well as for paid for sharing your absolutely free disk space. The SiaCoin can also be available for mining in a more traditional way, so you might want to test that as well as an alternate way for obtaining the cryptocurrency token used by the agency instead of trading it on an exchange.

iqoption Siacoin Cryptocurrency Review - decentralized storage

iqoption. Siacoin Cryptocurrency Review - decentralized storage


Siacoin Cryptocurrency Review – a decentralized storage

The siacoin project started as a concept back in 2013 at HackMIT. The notion is simple, allow anybody to rent out their storage space and in return them for their participation. Anyone can rent out additional space on their PC to the Sia decentralized community and get paid in Siacoin. Similarly, any user who wishes to utilize Sia storage needs to cover Siacoins into some host.

Sia’s primary aim is to present storage to the shared market. Sia’s team believes that it is possible to free the fresh storage of the world and combine it in a totally free market. Under this setup, the data is dispersed across a huge network. The Sia platform is open source under the MIT license and presents us with a fresh storage platform in which the client has complete control of the data.

Siacoin Cryptocurrency Review – a decentralized storage

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